25.11.2021-22.4.2022: A Generous Space, Hastings Contemporary, Hastings, UK.

18.11.2021-10.1.2022: https://www.roaringartistgallery.com/powerful-little-things-2021

3-11 December 2021: Kunst in Reichweite, Leine Art, Hamburger Alle 42, Hannover, Germany 

25.11-31.12 2021 acting balance[d], https://www.spiltmilkgallery.com/exhibitions/acting-balanced

2021: Endless Summer, Group Global 3000 e.V.Berlin, Germany,15.10. -10.12.2021.

2021: Mythical Mother, 9th-30th September, https://www.spiltmilkgallery.com/exhibitions/mythical-mother

2021: Pluid Project, The National Comfort Blanket, The Cowshed Gallery, Farmleigh, Dublin, Ireland, 23.8.21-02.09.21


2021: Nachtbrötchen, Airport Cologne,Germany. 12-13 June

2021: https://www.maternochronics.com/exhibition-1

2021: Spilt Milk, https://www.spiltmilkgallery.com/exhibitions/if-not-now-when-part-2

2020: Spilt Milk, Homeworks online exhibition. http://www.homeworksexhibition.co.uk

2020: Kunstpunkte Number 161, September, with Hilla Hueber, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2020: ´Congruence`Summer 2020, I like your work podcast online exhibition.


2019: Online exhibition, https://curat10n.com/open-art/, gallery, Ireland.

2019: Kunstpunkte Number 62, September, with Hilla Hueber, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2018: Kunstpunkte Number 185, September, with Hilla Hueber, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2018:' Reflections' group exhibition, Anna Klinkhammer Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2015: 'Glauben' group exhibition, Zentrum Alte Kirche, Niedernhausen, Germany.

2012: 'Sag's mit Blumen' group exhibition, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany.

2011: 'Formwelt, Farbwelt, Fliese', group exhibition, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Germany.

2011: 'Wasser in Form', 3 person exhibition, Kronberg, Germany.

2010: 'Ton und Tone', group exhibition, Idstein, Germany.

2002: 'Place Matters' degree & diploma group exhibition, Limerick, Ireland.

2000: 'Out of the Blue', 3 person exhibition,Gaborone, Botswana.

1999: `Artists in Botswana', group exhibition, National Gallery Gabronne, Botswana.


 Art Reveal Magazine :Issue 61, https://issuu.com/artrevealmagazine/docs/61

 Apero Magazine, July 2021 Catalog Issue:  https://showapero.com

 ArtConnect:  https://www.magazine.artconnect.com/michelle-gallagher

 Maternal Art : https://maternalart.com/blog/hopes-dreams-and-desireswhy-not-a-reality-by-michelle-gallagher

 The Art of Improv: https://www.jenbroemel.com/-the-art-of-improv

 * Artworks are part of international private collections including Keramikmuseum Westerwald,Germany.